© by Swen Taake 2016     TA3/DL2BAY                  CT3M                   P40ST                   HC8/DL2BAY              3E1DX                                                CT3/DL2BAY          3E1DX                     3E1DX                  3E1DX                   HP1/DL2BAY             HP1XVH             HO1AA                   HI9/DJ2ST             HP1XX                      HO1X                      PT5ST                                                                                                HP1/DJ2ST             PY5/DJ2ST Feb. Okt.                                       Okt. MY spezial thanks to Stefan DL5XX. He organized and support all the DX-pedition. And thanks to Günthe HP1XX, Peter HP1XPM and his wife Yolanda. Also to Kai, DK2KT for QSL service.