© by Swen Taake 2016 Icom: IC7410 Linear: ME1200H Home made Band Decoda Tower 1: KLM KT34xa: 6 ele.28,21,14 Mhz Tower 2: 3ele. 7 Mhz Beam Delta Loop: 3,7 Mhz Dipol: 1,8 Mhz Tower 2: The 3 ele 7Mhz Beam  Tower 1: KLM: KT34XA 6 ele:28,21,14 Mhz Beam  And my “Six Pak” home made Antenna relay box wiht 6 Siemens Finder relays 16A ok for high power  My home made Band Decoder support by W9XT My Linear from HA1YA wiht a new Front Panel designe